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You have entered the site of the Michigan Squadron of the National Motorcycle Sport touring Association (MSTA). Our Members come from all over Michigan (and beyond), and we ride many makes of street bikes. We travel to great riding destinations close by and far away. We learn to be better riders, share camaraderie, and a common passion to ride.

MSTA MICHIGAN - This ain't your mamma's pokey bar hoppin' motorcycle club. It also isn't a squidly club. We ride and we ride well. You are expected to ride within your limits. You are expected to wear appropriate safety gear, ride a safely maintained machine,and follow reasonable group riding etiquette. We welcome riders of all skill levels, ages, genders, and marques. You will likely find like-minded members who ride at your level of skill. The MSTA and Michigan MSTA assume no responsibility for your safety, state of mind, average lean angle, or degree of rockin' fun that you'll experience with us.

See Breakfast link for time and location of monthly club meetings.

See Calendar link for scheduled 2015 events as they are posted. Additional dates and events will be added when scheduled.

Next Major MSTA Event

June 17 - 21 2015

Michigan Ohio Blitz (M.O.B.)

If you are unable to make STAR in Arkansas this year, don’t despair, we’ve got a more affordable, less time consuming alternative for you. You are invited to participate in the Michigan Squadron “just for fun” event based out of Marietta, OH. This is going to be a flexible event as far as when and how you want to arrive and how much time you’d like to spend riding the best roads that the area has to offer. You can trailer down or ride down. Arrive Wednesday (17th), Thursday (18th) or Friday (19th) evening at the hotel. You decide what’s best for you. Riding Groups will be formed up at a Rider’s Meeting each night (Wed, Thu, Fri) @ 9:00 PM for the following days ride. On Sunday, the plan is to head home either by trailer or by riding. For those who plan on riding down and back, there will be a published route from the Bob Evans restaurant off I-280 east of Toledo to Marietta and another back. Some of you may want to plan a breakfast at the Bob Evans and group up for the ride to Marietta. If a volunteer steps up to organize that activity, that information and details will be sent out.

You can contact me at the following:
E-Mail – mi_msta@earthlink.net
Phone 248-760-0841 (Cell), 248-377-8170 (Work)

Bart Reiter

2014 - SMOTY of the Year

Congratulations Bart Reiter

Other 2014 Michigan MSTA Award winners:

Perfect Meeting Attendance

Greg King

Kelly McCrystal

Ian Orr

Bob Primeau

Bart Reiter

Gary Wills

Roy Winseck

Most Rides Attended (8)

Bart Reiter

“Rookie of the Year”

Augie Fernandes

Highest Mileage Female Rider:

Jan Pennington: 21,018 miles

Highest Mileage Male Rider:

Don Pennington: 20,210 miles

Closest to the Average Male Rider:

Roy Winseck: 8,761 miles

Closest to the Average Female Rider:

Ann Redner: 6,984 miles

Recruitment to MSTA:

Augie Fernandes - 3

JT Pedersen - 3

Remember that many events and dates are being scheduled for 2015. Check the calendar link for a complete listing.

Come join us and be a part of the most dynamic riding club in Michigan.

Current newsletters can be accessed by clicking on Newsletters in the left title block.

Important Information
As all of us now know, the HSTA has changed it's name to the MSTA (Motorcycle Sport Touring Association). The new address is http://msta.us

Notice to MSTA Members
This web site is undergoing construction and will be revised in significant ways. Current MSTA information within this web page will be updated and structural revisions to the site will be added. The intent is that the site will be more comprehensive regarding the activities of the Michigan MSTA.